Terms of use And General Conditions

This document describes the general terms and conditions, based on which MARTILEN FM provides online Bulgarian language learning courses through the following web site: http://learnbulgarian.net/, hereinafter referred to as the WEB SITE. These general terms and conditions engage and oblige all users of the product as well as its PROVIDER.

All information, related to the user and his/her identifying in order to reproduce his/her statement of accepting the general terms and conditions, is kept on log files on a server.


MARTILEN FM, acting as a creator and owner of this WEB SITE, makes available all materials published in it, for personal and non-commercial use only, given that you comply with all indicated copyrights.

It is forbidden to copy, distribute or present the materials, published on the WEB SITE, for any public or commercial purpose. Using the materials in other web sites is disallowed. The materials on this WEB SITE are intellectual property of MARTILEN FM. Failing to abide the copyright results in bearing all consequences, stipulated by the law.



1.1. The responsibilities of MARTILEN FM, in its role of PROVIDER of the products, offered in the WEB SITE, are in accordance with the agreements made with the USERS of the WEB SITE, after the USERS have completed the necessary payments.

1.2. MARTILEN FM is obliged to provide access to the paid system of the WEB SITE not later than five working days after the USER has completed the necessary payment for the choosen online course.

1.3. MARTILEN FM reserves the right to make changes in the learning materials, service and products offered, as well as their prices, at any time and without notice.

1.4. MARTILEN FM is obliged to consult the USER anytime this is requested and to coordinate the relations with the teachers, providing language lessons via Skype.

1.5. MARTILEN FM, its providers and third parties bear no responsibility under any circumstances for any losses and damages, including damages of missed benefits, of information losses or any other damages, resulting from usage, impossibility of usage or the consequences of the usage of this WEB SITE.

1.6. In case the USER’S technical equipment requires any repair works because of damages caused as a result of using the WEB SITE, MARTILEN FM is in no way responsible for the expenses for these repair works.

1.7. The products software is protected by a copyright and is ownership of MARTILEN FM.

1.8. The USER agrees that MARTILEN FM can use the personal or other information provided by the USER for establishing a feedback or regulation of certain issues in the relation between the parties.

1.9. All personal information the USER provides in order to receive access to products or services, offered on this WEB SITE, is protected according to the Law for protection of personal data.

1.10. MARTILEN FM provides access to the system in the fastest possible way after the USER pays for a product and the sum reaches MARTILEN FM’S bank account.

1.11. The published in this WEB SITE links to other web sites are provided solely for the USER’S convenience. MARTILEN FM has no control over these web sites and takes no responsibility for any of them or their contents. If the USER decides to visit any of these web sites, he/she bears the risk and responsibility of this act.

1.12. MARTILEN FM has the right to discontinue the access of the USER to any of the products if the USER has actively spent more than the paid time (Smart - 50 hours, Extra - 100 hours, MAX - 160 hours ) in the learning system.

1.13. The system automatically logs out the USER if he/she has not used it actively for the last thirty minutes.

1.14. All products’ names, signs and symbols, published on this WEB SITE, are trademark or copyright protected and are ownership of MARTILEN FM.

1.15. MARTILEN FM manages this WEB SITE from its office, located in Sofia, Bulgaria and has the right to change these General Terms and Conditions any time and subsequently publish the changed document with a revised date.

1.16. We strongly recommend that you periodically check this web page for updates of these General Terms and Conditions, as they are binding for all USERS.


2.1. USERS get access to the product they have chosen after the PROVIDER confirms receipt of their payment.

2.2. USERS are not allowed to provide their personal access data for using the product. The system does not allow logging in with the same username and password from two different locations simultaneously.

2.3. USERS have the right to schedule additional Skype lessons after completing the corresponding payment procedures, described in the WEB SITE.

2.4. USERS have to read all the terms and conditions of this web site before sending us an e-mail or register and pay for any of our online courses ( either with bank transfer or with credit card ). It is considered that you have read and agreed with all the terms and conditions of use of this web site by sending us an e-mail or buying online any of our products.

Last document update: 22.08.2011