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What can you find in Learnbulgarian.net by martilen fm

We have been working in the sphere of education for the last 25 years under the corporate name 'MARTILEN'. MARTILEN was established in 1990 and since then we have been working in the sphere of education in BULGARIA. Our company is well known in Bulgaria with professionalism, tolerance and loyalty. Our other websites are: www.martilen.com ; www.martilen.bg ; www.onlineobuchenie.com - one for books for bulgarian students for the biggest high schools and universities in BULGARIA and another for professional online education in BULGARIA. Every year more than 5000 students in BULGARIA use our products. This makes us feel especially helpful. If we have to describe our team's work with one word - it's professionalism. It is MARTILEN's mission to introduce the latest technologies and to achieve the best quality to ist customers, thus strenghtening its leading position in the sphere of education in BULGARIA. For more information about us you can check section 'Companies' on the left menu.
Now we want to present to you our product - LEARN BULGARIAN ONLINE BY MARTILEN FM. The best place to study bulgarian language online. It will give you the opportunity to prepare anytime and anywhere from around the world. The site is entirely designed to meet the learning needs of foreign students, as the materials presented are easily adopted. Our product for learning Bulgarian language online has been developed in cooperation with teachers from the biggest university in Bulgaria - Sofia University “St.St. Kliment Ohridski”. We offer tehnologies like skype and video conference which gives better opportunities for communication between student and teacher. We offer 3 online courses: SMART, EXTRA, MAX. Choose one of them and buy it now. You can pay with your credit / debit card or with bank transfer or if you prefer in our office. Choose the best course for you and start learning bulgarian right now. Go to Free Video Guide section in homepage and see exactly how our product works. The product includes: Exercises Dialogue, Exercises Lexic, Exercises Grammar, Full Dictionary and more.